Pantry Staples

During the Covid-19 Stay at Home Order, we are offering our customers and friends basic pantry staples for those who do not wish to venture into stores or for those who cannot find these basic supplies. As a commitment to our community, friends and neighbors, we are offering these items at wholesale cost. Please let us know if you are having difficulty finding particular items in stores and we will see if we can procure them for you.

One dozen, local, cage-free, organic, large eggs. Limit two.

Organic red potatoes (Canada). 
5 lb. bag. $5.50.

Cabot Creamery unsalted butter in one pound blocks (not quarters). $3.25

Hand sanitizer. Glass bottle, 2 ounces. $4.25. Note: not the 8 oz. pump.


Garlic bulbs. 60 cents each

Spanish yellow onions. 50 cents each. Red onions. 60 cents each

College Inn chicken broth. 48 ounce can. $3.25

Milk. Half gallons. Organic, $5.25.
Regular $2.50


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